I am extremely impressed with the Response Mailer tool and even more impressed with the customer support I have received. After searching through several email responders I finally found one that had all the features I was looking for. Response Mailer is easy to configure, has a very user-friendly interface for creating emails and is reliable. As I began to use Response Mailer I thought of even extra functions I wanted to perform with it. I would email customer support with my questions and my ideas and within hours I would receive a response. Each time my ideas were met with enthusiasm and modifications were readily made. This is a tool would highly recommend to anyone wanting to build relationships with customers and improve your marketing.

- Deborah Foran

ResponseMailer has proven to be a great product for helping me keep in touch with my prospects and clients. It's easy to use and the support I've received whenever I had a question has been great. After a quick set up, it now just runs automatically. No more lost or forgotten contacts or endless hours spent writing individual emails. This tool has really helped me to increase sales and become more productive.

- Gary Braz, Atlanta Realtor

I've been using a PC for 20 years now and I could tell you some horrifying and frustrating software support stories. I recently sent Devicode a problem report on one of their products and THEY CALLED ME BACK!! Turned out the problem had nothing to do with their product. They didn't stop there. They emailed me the links to download a couple of Microsoft Data Access products (either corrupted or somehow deleted from my computer) and I was fixed. Devicode provides the finest product technical support I have ever experienced.

- Myles O'Reilly, Exit First Realty

We are a Tour Operator in the Cruiseship Industry and came across Response Mailer while searching for the right Marketing Tool to help us quickly grap a big portion of the market. ResponseMailer turned out to be the best program for your marketing campaign. We have created several different email list that targets various segments and deliver rich HTML messages along with pdf attachments on a scheduled basis.

- M. Barrios

Thanks!. You provided excellent customer service is excellent and Clayton was very helpful. I needed some help in setting up the program and he was able to walk me through the steps to get my email campaign up and running. I was did not expect that level of service because I was using the trial verion. The very next day I purchased ResponseMailer.

- M. Tania Beckford

I have looked at quite a bit of auto response programs but never bought any since they all lacked the main features I needed. So when I came across your software I knew that it was a perfect match for my real estate business.

- Omar Daley, Portmore Real Estate