Response Mailer

ResponseMailer Autoresponder Features

  • Run from your desktop PC, no need to pay for a monthly based subscription autoresponder services. View
  • Automatically processes messages retrieved from your mail server using message rules. View
  • Automatic processing of opt-out, remove, unsubscribe requests & bounced, undeliverable emails. View
  • Personalize messages with recipient's name, company, address or your own custom fields. View
  • You have total control of the timing of your email marketing campaign. Schedule an email marketing campaign at a specified time or specified time interval. View
  • Scheduled or manual email broadcasting. View
  • Extract information from the incoming email and include it in the outgoing email. View
  • Delivers a sequence of messages at the right time to your list. View
  • Retrieves addresses from the recipient fields and body of messages. View
  • Rapidly delivers messages all-at-once, in staggered batches or at a scheduled date. View
  • Sends acknowledgments and welcome messages when members subscribe or unsubscribe. View
  • Automatically responds to messages and web forms with personalized e-mails. View
  • Import your own current database or list of leads & prospects. View
  • Create high impact personalized emails and newsletters for your email marketing. View
  • Sends personalized email messages to unlimited mailing lists, insert mailing list fields to subject or body of your messages. View
  • Send plain text or colorful HTML formatted messages. Built-in HTML editor. Support mail attachments. View
  • Support BCC mode for faster email sending.
  • Check your mailbox directly from the server. View
  • Remove email directly from the e-mail server.
  • Auto-create a mailing list from incoming emails. View
  • Encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections - POP3 / SMTP over an SSL connection. View
  • Add prospects to your database using the web, email, web forms, and our online list import function. View
  • Import and export database records using text and CSV files. View
  • Create and manage unlimited mailing lists. Each having its own set of timed sequential autoresponders. View
  • Get an email notification when someone subscribes / opt-in to your list. Or have that notice automatically emailed to multiple people. View
  • Remotely run applications on your system by sending an email message
  • Search, add, delete, and edit current and new subscribers to your mailing lists. View
  • Quickly search, manipulate, edit, delete or search for any record in "any" of your mailing lists. View
  • Advanced scheduling for multi-message follow-up over a span of time. View
  • Multiple POP account support. View
  • Email message forwarding.
  • Mail merging with database to personalize email message on-the-fly. View
  • Run a particular program with information parsed from the incoming email. Run external programs such as .exe, .com, VBScripts(.vbs), Batch (.bat).
  • Built on robust database technology supporting hundreds of thousands of prospects, with powerful searching, sorting and filtering. View
  • Connect to your mail servers using broadband or dial-up connection. View
  • Add prospect specific information that can be used to personalize the followup messages. View