Response Mailer

Response Mailer Editions

Response Mailer Standard Edition is directed towards less-demanding users who already have leads while Response Mailer Professional Edition contains many additional features such as automatic opt-in, multiple POP3 mailbox support, web form integration, attachments support, etc.

Top 7 reasons to choose Professional Edition:

  • You want to integrate the software with a web sign-up form.
  • you want to export the extracted email information.
  • You want to send to several hundred prospects.
  • You want to extract specific information from the incoming email.
  • You want to attach files to your messages.
  • You want to use more than one POP3 account.
  • You want to use more than one SMTP account.

Response Mailer Feature Comparison Matrix

Feature Professional
One time payment. No monthly fees ever! $89.99 $49.99
Runs from your desktop computer 1 1
Unlimited autoresponders, newsletter/broadcast messages. 1 1
No banner adverstisments or sponsor ads 1 1
Easy set-up and management 1 1
Web form integration 1  
Extract information from the incoming email 1  
Run external programs such as .exe, .com, .vbs, .bat 1  
Powerful personalization features (mail merge) 1 1
Lead import and export feature 1 1
Number of mailbox supported unlimited 1
WYSIWYG Editor (create HTML emails with ultimate ease) 1 1
Send ezines, newsletters 1 1
List Management 1 1
Support plain text and HTML messages 1 1
Support for opt-in and out-out by email 1  
Test Message Sequence 1 1
Broadcast email to your entire list 1 1
Ad-free! No third-party ads 1 1
Export extracted email information 1  
Include attachments 1  
Support for any number of POP3 and SMTP servers 1  
Selective broadcasting 1  
Schedule multi-message follow-up for a specific date 1  
Encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support 1 1
Smooth delivery of large amounts of emails 1  
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