Response Mailer


Response Mailer is an automated system that instantly emails information to your customers and prospects. It is an auto-responder that checks the contents of your incoming emails to determine how to reply to it. In addition, it can automatically followup with them over the coming days, weeks, and months. You can send one or more messages at preset time intervals. For instance you can create 10 messages and release them to prospects on the schedule you specify.

The software will simply reply to your e-mail messages with a prewritten response.

Response Mailer auto responder and follow-up responder is convenient and saves you time by automatically replying to your email and sending out follow up emails instead of you having to manually keep track of it. You can personalize your e-mail replies by including the sender's name, prospect specific fields or information extracted from the incoming email. You can even add the extracted information to a prospect database for later use in your subscription email marketing campaign.

Response Mailer has far exceeded our expectations for an autoresponder program. It is an awesome marketing tool. It is user-friendly to set up and operate. I have to tell you that we searched and sampled many autoresponders with numerous quirks and shortcomings before finding this one. Clayton the Support Manager was extremely responsive to our inquiries, and even made a mod to the program to fill our needs. We were running the trial version at the time, and were so impressed that we immediately purchased the paid version. He was also quick to email a solution to a problem that we caused later which was creating errors.

- Ryan & Christopher Trimarchi, eBay Sellers

Benefits of using Response Mailer Software

  • Saves you time by automatically replying to your email.
  • Frees you from having to keep manually answering your email with the same message.
  • Automates the task of sending scheduled, follow-up email messages.
  • Helps you build an ongoing relationship with your current customers and prospective ones.
  • No need to constantly stay at your computer to make sure your email is answered in a timely manner.
  • Spend more time making sales and finding new leads.
  • Improve the functionality of your business without hiring new staff.
  • Improve your ability to keep customers and prospects informed.

Some uses of ResponseMailer Auto responder

  • Auto responder for customer service - Provide 24x7 customer support
  • Web site form mail processing - Extracted information can be used to create prospects and written to a database
  • Confirmation notice - Send email with delivery tracking information
  • Deliver email course - Inexpensive way of delivering your eBooks
  • Out of office reply and vacation notice
  • Follow-ups and prospects marketing
  • Advertising response, sequential marketing, drip marketing
  • Invoice / order processing, payment processing: eBay, PayPal, etc
  • Mailing lists, ezines or newsletters that your visitors can subscribe to
  • Offer periodic discounts and promotions to your customers

ResponseMailer reduces the time you spend to answer and follow-up on emails.

Standard and Professional Edition Comparison

Response Mailer Standard Edition Response Mailer Professional Edition
ORDER NOW $49.99 | GET Free Trial ORDER NOW $89.99 | GET Free Trial
One time payment. No monthly fees
Runs from your desktop computer
Unlimited autoresponders
No banner adverstisments
Easy set-up and management
Plain text and HTML messages
Broadcast email to your entire list
All the features of the Standard Edition
Opt-in and out-out by email
Web form integration
Extract information from email
Run external programs
Export extracted email information
Add attachments

Main Features

  • Run from your desktop PC, no need to pay for a monthly based subscription autoresponder services. View
  • Automatically processes messages retrieved from your mail server using message rules. View
  • Automatic processing of opt-out, remove, unsubscribe requests & bounced, undeliverable emails. View
  • Personalize messages with recipient's name, company, address or your own custom fields. View
  • You have total control of the timing of your email marketing campaign. Schedule an email marketing campaign at a specified time or specified time interval. View
  • Scheduled or manual email broadcasting. View
  • Extract information from the incoming email and include it in the outgoing email. View
  • Delivering a sequence of messages at the right time to your list. View
  • Retrieves addresses from the recipient fields and body of messages. View
  • Rapidly delivers messages all-at-once, in staggered batches or at a scheduled date. View
  • More features

How it works

ResponseMailer email processor software uses a simple but effective model to automate email replies:

  • Email messages are downloaded from your email servers.
  • They are checked against a set of rules that you have setup.
  • If a message meets a rule then specific actions are then taken such as
    extract information from the incoming email and include it in the outgoing email
    send a reply email, save the information to a file/database, add prospects, remove prospects.
  • Deliver a sequence of messages at the right time to your list of prospects.