POPSweeper Overview

POP3 Sweeper is an email removal program that allows you to delete email messages directly from your email server, before it is dowloaded into your computer. It can save substantial amount of time, specially if you are using a dial-up account.

POP3 Sweeper is simple to use, yet powerful enough for most users. It allows you to selectively delete email whether they are unsolicited emails, large emails or unwanted emails from your mailbox. Your email program will download the filtered e-mails.

One of the most powerful feature allows you to create rules to automate the deletion of spam mails from your mailbox.

POP3Sweeper is designed for use with POP3-compatible Internet mail servers and does not work with HTTP-only e-mail systems

POP3Sweeper keeps your mailbox free of junk mails.

With POPSweeper you can remove annoying Sspam E-Mails on the server without downloading them first. Save connecting costs!


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Check unlimited number of email accounts
  • Add rules to automatically remove emails
  • Delete e-mail based on the contents of the Sender (FROM), Recipient (TO), Subject, CC, Body and Date fields
  • Safely preview and delete email directly from your email server
  • Create advanced rules based on regular expressions
  • Spam filter, anti spam, junk mail, email filter tool
  • Flexible anit-spam rules to remove junk email
  • Schedule automatic junk mail removal
  • Detailed processing logs of deleted spam emails
  • Supports any POP3 email server
  • Multi-threaded background processing
  • Supports multiple email accounts

How it works

POPSweeper email processor software uses a simple but effective model to prevent your mailbox from growing to an unmanageable size

  • Email messages are downloaded from your email servers.
  • They are checked against a set of rules that you have setup.
  • If a message meets a rule then specific actions are then taken such as
    remove the email, play a sound