PagePopupMaker Overview

PagePopupMaker generates all the code needed to create several type of popup windows. It takes the guess work and drudgery out of creating popup windows. No more endlessly revising and fiddling with your popup window code to get the fit and features just right!

With PagePopupMaker, anyone can make popup windows without any programming skills, all you need is a couple of minutes to add popups to your web site.

Use Page Popup Maker to keep your visitors on your page, internet marketing, generate sales, link to other web sites and web pages or just to give helpful hints and information.

You can create a wide variety of popups, such as page load, page close, link, form button, mouse over or even image link. Customize your window property for a perfect fit and proper location.
Test your popup windows from within the program and fine tune it until it works just the way you want it to.
Step 1
Enter your popup window values and generate the code.
Step 2
Test your popup and adjust for a perfect fit and proper location.
Step 3
Simply paste the <SCRIPT> into the <HEAD> section of your page, and place the link into the <BODY> section of your page and THAT'S IT!!.

As a bonus, you will have clear, explicit instructions, numerous examples, and detailed help to guide you through this easy 1-2-3 process. Use PagePopupMaker to increase traffic, keep visitors interest and increase revenue to your web site.

Page Popup Maker generator is all you need to create your javascript popup windows.

What's new in version 2.1

  • Improved user interface - intuitive javascript popup generator
  • Generate Popup-under window
  • Delayed popup activation (e.g. popup window is displayed 5 seconds after activation)
  • Automatically close pop-up window (e.g. popup window automatically closes after 10 seconds)
  • Page load and page unload javascript popup
  • Generates mouse-over popups


  • Easy to use popup window generator.
  • Activate popup windows by - Form button, standard link, mouse-over, page load, page close, image link, etc.
  • Specify the exact size and position of the popup.
  • Customize the popup window - Address bars, tool bars, status bars, menu bar, scroll bar, window Title, full-screen, directories, dependent, resizable, etc.
  • Generate Pop-up under and pop-up over windows
  • Popup center option
  • Delay showing a popup by a specific number of seconds
  • Clear instructions on now to add the javascript code to your web page
  • Automatically close a popup after a specific number of seconds

Registered Users

In addition you will receive a help file with working examples of HOW-TO do the following:

  • Open popup window with a button
  • Open a popup window with a link
  • Open a popup window with a image
  • Open a popup window when a page loads
  • Open a popup window when a page closes
  • Open a pop-up window when the mouse moves over an area
  • Display a message box
  • Display messages in the status bar
  • Go back to the previous page using a link
  • Close a window using a link
  • Redirect to another page
  • Remove the underline from a link
  • Protect your web page contents