Articles on Children Internet Saftey

Children web browsers

Children web browsers offer child-friendly interface that is simple to use and visually pleasing to most kids. This type of software is truly ideal in controlling the internet usage of a younger or older child. These browsers are often based on a defined set of web site areas (referred to as urls) that have been checked out and are considered to be safe for them to use.

Internet Parental Control

Internet parental control is quickly becoming one of the technology industries' main areas of concern. The now common availability of the web presents an entirely new color to the spectrum of child safety into the world of technology. As a parent, it is your responsibility to take advantage of any means necessary to prevent your child from being harmed or exposed to inappropriate content while online. Good internet parental control is the way to ensure this and any other potentially harmful conduct from occurring to your child while online.

Protecting your children on the internet

Protecting your children on the internet is the concern of most technology savvy parents today. You child is exposed to the internet in a variety of places and fashions including home, school, laptops, PDAs, and even cell phones. As the volume of the exposure of the internet increases, so does the need for adequate protection against inappropriate content. The primary focus of most parents' concern while protecting your children on the internet should be related to their home pc based use of the internet.

Web Filter and Internet Filters

Web filter and internet filters use concepts of filtering through keywords or urls in order to safeguard children while on the internet. Web filters and internet filters can also be used to block out annoying parts of the web such as pop-ups and spam email. The filter software contains a list of populated keywords or urls that relate to the purpose intended. For example, 'safe lists' of urls that are all considered to be safe for children and not containing any adult material or inappropriate material are simply a database or a collection of safe urls that have met the criteria of being safe to children.

10 Reasons to use KidSplorer to protect your child

Protecting your children on the internet means that you, as a parent, are willing to take the time to read about and learn the pros and cons of these type of software and use your best judgment in purchasing the correct software for your children's sake.