Web Filter and Internet Filters

There are hundreds of web filter and internet filters available these days. All of them are based upon the same concept and different applications of it. Web filter and internet filters use concepts of filtering through keywords or urls in order to safeguard children while on the internet. Web filters and internet filters can also be used to block out annoying parts of the web such as pop-ups and spam email. Each of these filters are based upon the same principle. The filter software contains a list of populated keywords or urls that relate to the purpose intended. For example, 'safe lists' of urls that are all considered to be safe for children and not containing any adult material or inappropriate material are simply a database or a collection of safe urls that have met the criteria of being safe to children.

Web filter and internet filters are also sometimes based on the principle of a list of keywords that are identified with inappropriate content for children. For example, all words that could be related to sexually explicit material would be included in these type of web filter and internet filters. The problem with these types of web filter and internet filters is that a child can easily fool them by using misspelled words. Believe me, the bad guys are updating their website content knowing these type of filters are out there in order to allow their websites to be accessed as easily as possible.

Kids are smart. Any type of software protection that they have access to the controls can present another problem. They can alter them! Don't be fooled. Most ten year olds have the capacity to operate themselves freely around the home pc. Be sure to discuss what you consider to be inappropriate web viewing with them and ensure them that there will be consequences if they are caught viewing such material. Web filter and internet filters are your tool in preventative measures, although they should not be your only action in safeguarding your child.

Software that offers safe internet browsing for children is really a must-have for any parent out there that allows their child usage of the internet while they are not physically overseeing the activity. Web filter and internet filters are the basic means of doing so and should be installed and actively used on your computer if you intend on keeping kids safe while using your computer.

A great software that I have found for doing so is KidSplorer. It is an internet browser dedicated specifically to the use of children! It has a registered list of urls that are considered safe to children and do not contain any inappropriate content. It also allows the parent access to add to or take away from the database to suit their child's particular needs. The interface is very child friendly and easy to navigate even for younger children. This software is one of many, many great software out there that allows you as a parent to take control of your child's internet usage. Web filter and internet filters play a vital role in doing so. Please, for the safety of your child, don't hesitate, find a filter that suits your needs and install it today.

Devicode Technology provides parental control solutions to aid in providing a safe and secure browsing environment for kids.