Protecting your children on the internet

Protecting your children on the internet is the concern of most technology savvy parents today. You child is exposed to the internet in a variety of places and fashions including home, school, laptops, PDAs, and even cell phones. As the volume of the exposure of the internet increases, so does the need for adequate protection against inappropriate content.

The primary focus of most parents' concern while protecting your children on the internet should be related to their home pc based use of the internet. Web browsing generally mostly takes place here and it is here that you must worry about the online clutter of pornography, adult websites, offensive material, and even violence. Your child is not likely to own a wireless device where browsing is easily or comfortably done and they are not likely to attempt such activities in a supervised classroom, so the home pc becomes the battlefield of choice.

Protecting your child on the internet is not an easy task. There are an unlimited amount of interested parties out there who are just waiting to lure your child into inappropriate online activities. This is why it is so important to protect your child with preventative measures such as kid safe browsers. These childproof browsers are designed specifically with your child's safety in mind. The ideal web filtering tool is one that allows you to limit internet usage to activates that are agreeable to your child's needs. Monitoring the internet this way is a key to protecting your child from content that could potentially harm them.

Web site blocking of those sites that are deemed explicit or unsafe for kid's viewing is an important aspect of protecting your children on the internet as well. Most internet browsers offer no protection at all to offensive material and those that do can be easily manipulated. Blocking software that has been built around these areas are normally kid's browsers that specifically cater to this need rather then trying to 'patch the hole' as do most general browsers. Protecting your children on the internet means that you, as a parent, are willing to take the time to read about and learn the pros and cons of these type of software and use your best judgment in purchasing the correct software for your children's situation.

KidSplorer is parental control software that offers you a web browser that has been built specifically for kids with an underlying safe list of urls that are child friendly. It prevents access to the Start button, Desktop items, and other keys that allow you to switch to other programs-thus preventing your child from taking any measures to disable the software's screening capability. This prevents the running of programs such as Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer that do not offer child-safe browsing capabilities. This type of software offers great advantages when protecting your children on the internet.

KidSplorer also offers you the unique ability to regulate the amount of time spent on the internet. This feature is in addition to the wonderful screening features offered by the children's web browser internet safety protection. This is the only software that I am familiar with that offers both of these advantages and is truly a good form of internet protection for children. There are many other great software programs out there that offer good protection as well. KidSplorer is just one terrific program out of many that you can purchase in order to ensure your child's safety on the internet.

Devicode Technology provides parental control solutions to aid in providing a safe and secure browsing environment for kids.