Response Mailer

Total email marketing solution for small business

Cost effective email marketing to grow your business.
We understand small businesses and how important every customer is. Email is a great way to promote offers. It also helps you cultivate the relationship you have with each client by effectively communicating with them regularly.


Filter out useless mails and unsolicited spam (junk)

Create specific rules to automate protection against emerging spam attacks and other types of unwanted mail, including more importantly, attacks that have now become more targetd in nature and targeted to your company and end-users.

Response Mailer - Email Autoresponder

Total email marketing solution for small business

Response Mailer auto responder and follow-up responder is convenient and saves you time by automatically replying to your email and sending out follow up emails instead of you having to manually keep track of it.
Response Mailer send emails to your customers and manages prospect email marketing campaigns.

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KidSplorer - Kid Safe Web Browser

Keep your child safe while browsing the internet!

KidSplorer web browser is designed specifically for children to safely browse the internet. KidSplorer is a safer alternative to Internet Explorer web browser.
KidSplorer maintains a database of approved KidSafe sites that your child can access. Your child can only visit sites that are listed in the kid safe database, all other sites are automatically blocked.

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